King Brimstone

Brimstone is a huge Ink Devil, who unlike any other Ink Devils/Ink Demons, has no horns. Only wings, which he keeps folded in most of the time.

Biography Edit

Born and raised in the Ink Demon Kingdom, Brimstone was never an adventurous hatchling, he often stayed in the castle, reading books or doing chores. Until he met another Ink Devil named "Buttercup", and quickly befriended them. Soon enough, they developed feelings for each other. And when Brimstone was later turned into a king, he chose Buttercup to be his queen. Eventually, the two created a hatchling. Brimstone came up with the name "Flowers". Their life was good, until the king of abyssal creatures, "Lord Abyss" ordered five of his most aggressive guards to attack, and possibly kill, Flowers. They succeeded in killing him, Flowers limped home, and bled to death in his fathers arms. After Flowers' death, Brimstone declared war on the Abyssal creatures. After a long battle, Brimstone tore a hole in the fabric of space, and created a new universe, specifically for the Abyssal Creatures. He then sealed them away in the new universe.

Behind the scenes Edit

This is a little known fact, but. At first, King Brimstone was supposed to be called "King Pinecone".

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